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Downhole Drilling Motor - Size 8

Discover the Ultimate in Performance and Reliability from a Global Leader in Motion Control Products and Solutions.

Standard Downhole Motor - Size 8

Why Choose Moog’s Standard Downhole Size 8 Motor

Our Size 8 motor is designed to reduce your new downhole tool development time, shorten time to market, and increase productivity.

With its standard configuration, you can develop a highly reliable drilling tool equipped to withstand high environmental pressures (1,723 bar/25,000 PSI) and max winding temperatures (220° C/425° F). The motor is encased in a shock and vibration resistant  housing for maximum durability and equipment life.

Moog’s design experience and expertise in supplying motors to leading global manufacturers can be seen in our Standard Size 8 Motor. The size 8 motor is a suitable drop in replacement to competing motors fit and form all while providing improved functionality. It is built, stocked, and supported by staff in the United States and stands strong against our competitors.

We recognize the importance of lead time to our customers, so we are providing the size 8 motor with a 12 week lead time, ensuring our customers get the products they need, when they need them.

A key aspect of our standard motor series is their higher torque density. This means our standard motors deliver more torque for each unit of current, making them more efficient and powerful than many other options on the market. In terms of power density, our motors are among the best in the industry. We’ve achieved this through our commitment to  innovation and our focus on delivering the best possible products to our customers.



Our Size 8 Motor is a brushless motor capable of operating in severe duty High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) downhole service tool environments including shock, vibration, fluid filled environments, and more.

  • Proven downhole brushless motor technologies with Moog downhole application knowledge, experience and support.
  • Experience superior performance with our cost-effective, meticulously tested motors, delivered swiftly for your convenience.


Application - Mud Pulse Telemetry

MWD pulsers are an integral part of the Measurement While Drilling (MWD) system. They are used to generate pressure pulses in the drilling mud, which are then detected and decoded on the surface by pressure transducer sensors. This system is used to convey data to the surface. There are positive pulse systems, negative pulse systems and continuous wave systems. In the continuous wave system, frequency modulation is used to convey the data. The transmitter is a rotary valve that consists of a pair of slotted discs mounted at right angles to the mudflow. One of the discs is stationary while the other is driven by a motor. The constant speed of the motor creates a regular and continuous variation in pressure that is essentially a standing wave. This wave is used as a carrier to transmit the data to the surface. When information is to be transmitted the speed of the motor is reduced so that the phase of the carrier wave is altered (i.e. reversed). The carrier wave is therefore modulated to represent the data required.

Outside Diameter: 21.9 mm (.862 in)
Continuous Output Power: Up to 48 Watts
Operation Terminal Peak: 48 Volts

Optional Gearbox Length [mm (in)] Continuous Rated Torque [N-m (lbf-in)] Gear Ratio Options [XX:1]
23.93 (.942) 0.2 (1.77) 4
30.93 (1.218) 1 (8.85) 16
37.93 (1.493) 1.5 (13.28) 64


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